Frequently Asked Questions:


⬇️ What is Your Refund Policy?


If you’re not fully satisfied with your order within 30 days of the purchase, you could simply notify us, and we will issue a refund. Refunds typically take 2-3 business days to process, based on the delay times of your bank.


⬇️ What are the Payment Methods are Available?


At QQHippo.In, any major credit card/debit cards can be used to purchase Our services! We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal are currently accepted. However, if you are trying to pay in Bitcoins, we also accept that. Our all payment modes are 100% safe and secure so, don’t be worry about the security concern.


⬇️ Why do I need to buy Instagram followers or likes?


We live in a social world, so now everyone tries to pay attention in any way they can. Social media services are required to pay attention to or sell your goods or services. We are your strongest supporters. We assist you in obtaining the attention you deserve. Furthermore, we assist you in boosting your sales!


⬇️ Will I be Famous If I Buy LinkedIn Followers?


You can boost up your LinkedIn profile and become more popular by using our services. However, there are some other factors that are dependent on your efforts and over which we have no control. Buying LinkedIn followers from QQHippo.In will boost your LinkedIn profile and expand your LinkedIn following. You have to keep working to engage with your followers.


⬇️ What Information do I need to give you to make an order?


All we request is that you give us your profile username or photo URL, as well as an email address where we can reach you, in order for us to provide you with followers/likes. It’s a quick and easy process. The process of providing you followers/likes will start after we receive your payment.


⬇️ Is your Instagram followers/likes services genuine?


YES! Our all services are 100% genuine. We provide only real human profiles and likes to our customers, which means they only receive followers and likes which are coming from real human profiles. Like any other website, we do not, use fake accounts. Our services, such as Instagram followers and Twitter retweets, are all genuine.


⬇️ Do you need my account password to make an order?


Never. We don’t ask for your account password because we don’t need it. We only need your profile link or photo URL or username to process your order. Please don’t share your password with anyone or any service.


⬇️ Can I get banned If I use your service?


No way. As we already say that we only ask for your username when you order any social media services from QQHippo.In. We will never ask for your password. We complete the order after you provide us with your username. That is simple. Our custom-built system safeguards your account and makes absolutely sure your account cannot be banned. Or else, we can send likes and followers to anyone and get them banned. This is not a possibility.


⬇️ Why my account set to be public?


To send you the followers, likes, our system needs to access to your profile, which can only be granted if it is set to public. We will not ask for your account password or any other confidential details.


⬇️ How to order YouTube Views services from QQHippo.In?


Ordering YouTube services from our website is quite easy and straightforward. Just Sign Up on our website. After signing up, you have to go to our YouTube service page and select the YouTube views package. Enter the YouTube video link on which you want to receive your views and that’s it. After completing the payment process, we will start working on your service. You will get result soon.


⬇️ How can I contact you?


You can contact us in many ways, such as by using our 24/7 online live chat feature in the bottom right corner of the page, or by filling out a contact form. You could also create a support ticket on our website. We will reply you as soon as possible.


⬇️ Why Should I buy Twitter followers from QQHippo.In?


We all know how important it is for a brand to have a Twitter account. In addition to organic reach, followers are required. QQHippo.In provides full social media and branding solutions with 30-days complete money-back guarantee policy. There are numerous social media and branding solutions available, including Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Instagram marketing, and many others.


⬇️ Is it worth to Buy Twitter Retweets from you?


Without a doubt, YES! It is well worth the money! Consider our Twitter Retweets to be an investment that will return a profit many times your initial investment. After using our services, the majority of our clients saw increased online traffic, sales, brand recognition, and followers, likes, and Retweets.


⬇️ Is it safe to Buy Twitter Followers?


Yes, purchasing Twitter followers from our site 100% safe and secure. What you gain from QQHippo.In are real services. We don’t want our customers to be exposed to unnecessary risk. Some websites will defraud you and not even deliver your order. That is not how we work. When you pay for the service, our team starts working on your order. We provide an estimated delivery date and always deliver on time. Our followers will not endanger your account.


⬇️ How can I increase my YouTube Channel Subscribers and Views?


QQHippo.In makes, it is very simple to gain YouTube Subscribers and views. We offer a variety of services and packages to assist our customers in increasing their social media stats. You must use our YouTube service to increase the number of views, and Subscribers. After selecting the service, you will be shown a list of packages.


⬇️ When will my order be processed?


When you place an order, the start time for all services could really vary and is listed on the Service Description. Some services start immediately, while others may start after a delay of up to 24 hours. Before placing your order, please review the Description for the service you are interested in.


⬇️ Is it possible to cancel my order?


It’s not always possible to cancel an order once it has been placed. Many services have extremely fast delivery times, making it difficult to cancel an order before it is delivered. However, If the order can be cancelled, a refund for the undelivered services will be issued. We do not provide refunds for services that have already been delivered.


⬇️ Will my YouTube Views services drop off?


We provide high-quality real YouTube views, so the chances for a drop is very rare. We always overdeliver to ensure that even after a drop, you will still have more than you ordered. Likes, views, and comments are extremely rare to disappear. However, if there are any drops occur, just inform us, and we will refill it for free.


⬇️ Why Do You Need More YouTube Views to Grow Your Channel?


YouTube is a popular platform for marketing brands and products. Many companies now use YouTube to drive visitors to their websites and brand streams. Getting a lot of YouTube views helps in the generation of profits for both the company and the brand. When you Buy YouTube Views from us, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Having a large number of views provides you with the following benefits:


 – More quick results


 – Improved channel credibility


 – Assists you in gaining more loyal users


 – Increases social dependability


 – Increases channel authority 

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